Fantastic frontend

Web development has evolved, so should your debugging tool. Tackle errors with confidence using Sentron's session replay, enhanced stack traces and browser insights.

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No more guesswork

See what your users saw before and after an exception.

Fix bugs faster

Everything you need to find and fix bugs, in one place.

Easy to setup

Sentron is simple to setup - just add our code snippet to your page's <head>

Focus on your high impact issues

Sentron allows you to manage, sort and filter your frontend exceptions, so you quickly prioritise and fix the issues that matter most to you.


Take the guesswork out of
finding and fixing bugs.

Sentron makes it easy to spot and fix bugs. Every exception we record is enhanced with stack traces, video replay, network logs, console logs, browser/OS information and more.

Simple, fair pricing.

Our flexible pricing model means you won't pay for more than you need.


per project

Up to 10,000 sessions

Collaborate with up to five users

Works with all major frameworks

14 day free trial

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Let us tailor a package to meet your organisation's needs

More sessions or users

SSO/SAML integration

On-premises deployments

Custom integrations

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Is it GDPR compliant?

Sentron can be easily configured to prevent PII from being recorded. We also automatically redact sensitive information such as passwords.


Is my data safe?

We take security seriously. All data is transfered over HTTPS using high-grade encryption, and and stored in our secure AWS-hosted databases.


What browsers does it support?

Sentron supports all major browsers including but not limited to Firefox, Chrome, Opera, IE11, Microsoft Edge and Safari.


Does it work with React/Svelte/Angular/Vue.js?

Yes! Sentron integrates with all major Javascript frameworks. Simply included the HTML snippet in the head of your webpage.

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